Tupperware Pioneer

This Thanksgiving, could you imagine your home life without the innovation of Tupperware? This company has been a part of the American household for over 75 years all because of the women led by mogul Brownie Wise.


During the beginning of Tupperware, it did not start off as a successful company. Many women saw this new product in the stores and were confused on its functionality and usefulness. Plastic was still so new; people were still used to utilizing glass bowls and applying shower caps to cover their containers. The main source of Tupperware’s success was because of the Sales method brought on by Brownie. She introduced what they called, Home Parties, which included every woman to participate in and gain first-hand experience.


Women during the 1940’s-1950’s  were striving to find their place in the workforce and to be seen more than having a role in the home. The Home Parties led by Brownie included any individual regardless of income and race. Every woman could now be independent and be seen more than a housewife or secretary. Brownie Wise was a woman who paved the way for the modern Businesswoman during a time where there wasn’t a place for one in the workforce. Wise provided freedom and independence for those who wanted separation from their home lives where they didn’t receive the recognition they needed.

Tupperware party training
Brownie presents Tupperware products.

“ This is a cooperative organization the success of which has cofounded many of the best thinkers in direct selling today who, a year and-a-half ago, said what we have done could not be done. “ Brownie Wise

The Breaking Point

During the height of the success for Wise, Earl Tupper and his board at Tupperware company became envious as she became more of the face of the company to the public than he. At her last year in the company, Brownie went from Vice President of a multimillion-dollar company, that she built up from her success of her business models, to unemployed with a buyout of $33,000 which equated to only a year’s salary at the time.

In later years she was recognized for her accomplishments and was honored by Osceola County and the Tupperware Company. There is a designated Brownie Wise Park appointed in Kissimmee, FL. to commemorate her contributions in the company’s official history and the inspiration she instilled in others.


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