Shingle Creek

The Shingle Creek Regional Trail (SCRT) is a multi-use recreational trail being developed through cooperation between the local governments of the City of Kissimmee, Osceola County, the City of Orlando, and Orange County.

When fully constructed, it will span 32 miles through one of Florida’s most traveled urbanized areas.  This trail will become part of an extensive trail network that extends from Kissimmee to Wekiva Springs State Park, and from Orlando to Mascotte. In its entirety, it will serve as a key north-south connector in a larger regional trail network that includes the West Orange Trail, South Lake Trail, Cross Seminole Trail, and Seminole Wekiva Trail.

Completing the SCRT will significantly increase outdoor opportunities and ecotourism for bikers and pedestrians in urban Central Florida. It will also connect the public to the growing areas of protected land along the Shingle Creek watershed. These parcels connect to form a regional linear open-space park, creating even more opportunities for recreation near the Shingle Creek water body – the northernmost headwaters of the unique Kissimmee – Okeechobee – Everglades ecosystem.

The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek offers an array of water activities from paddle boating to canoeing. For more information visit


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