Postcard shares family news – in 600+ words

Postcard shares family news – in 600+ words

January 23 is National Handwriting Day.

The Osceola History archives includes this postcard dated October 16, 1882. The writer tells her stepsister “here is the postal that will have a lot of words on it.” In more than 600 words she gives updates on the family’s activities, who is feeling under the weather, people they’ve visited with, and the possibility of a move.


Below is the full transcription.

Parker House, Oct. 16, 1882.  

My dear, dear little step-sister, here is the postal that will have a lot of words on it.

It is Monday here and just after dinner. I am up in my bedroom and it is as warm as toast

and the weather is veryfine and delightful. We are having it much warmer than it was awhile

ago – Mother & Emma have washed and got done and the floors too before noon.  

Wash was smaller – only 8 sheets – lots of small stuff though – Baby slept a long

time for once – I have swept the attic and hall & stairs myself today and it made remorse to set in to my

legs and back to say nothing of my other organs.

O! how I missed my noisy Martie. I sat in my parlor last evening and it was aslonesome there alone and

no black-haired maid to come in to cheer one up. Things go on about so-so – Millard sits up more &

eats like fury – but I think his lungs are bad now I do, but don’t know certain. I got a nice letter

from Prof. Stone of Colorado one day – Millard was all up in end to go, poor boy!  Although he seems to be doing so well I fear he cant get strength enough to go away or far – Mother wants Sarah to have baby

but would miss him – So would we all – Josie thinks it a nice home for him but cant bear to be parted.  Md said at once – “Why should Sarah take him away?  Are 

we not all going soon?” So you see how hard it would be – if M-d mistrusted we thought he would be hereall Winter he would at once give up all hope of life –

We have to be careful what we say you know. I don’t see how baby could be sent away without its openinghis eyes – Baby is smart and grows old in his ways –

Em & Alice are going to the Falls this P.M. Bradford & mawent to church – Em missed you at the tubs. Mrs. Whitesent in a platter of luscious grapes today for M-d-

Has Ed – got his barrel? I received your letter in due season,

How mad we were to have you go hungry all day – mother ached to have you have a lunch from the P.H.B. has bought a broom for Em – She made nic ebiscuits for the Sunday dinner. Just in here digging potatoes.

Josie has on that French print wrapper. The Dr. has not been here since

ou left. Write what Talbot said about M-d and down fast.

Have you begun to learn a trade? Why don’t Mr. Miles up and send M-d a box of fruit? Francie is to give him some grapes – Em is going down there – Will she see Sofie?

I wish you were coming down here next year to stay.

We got the shirt and wrapper done Sat – Ma looks sweet.

Nora and Grace were over here today, thin & pale – I am sure you hear Alice calling Martie? This is the answer to your letter. We are getting along well. Guess the ironing will rub hard –

Aunt Leah was at church – was odd – We expect the Burbanks this week – Was glad of your letter and so were all. Did you get mine on Friday?

Won’t this answer for a letter this week? We will see – Want to see Sarah & Ed –

Give my love to dear Jessie. I have had no [unreadable] a letter yet. Here I close with love to Ed & Sarah and to you dear girl who was kind to me –

                                                       Annie W.P.