Pioneer Village Coloring Pages
  • Osceola History offers these coloring pages of four of the buildings at Pioneer Village.
  • Click on the pictures below to download or print a PDF of the page for coloring.

Cattleman’s Barn and Chicken Coop

The barn at Pioneer Village is a restored barn from the 1930s. The barn was originally on the Partin ranch. The primary purpose of a barn such as this was to protect riding equipment, farm equipment, animal food, and at times the animals themselves.

Horses, oxen, and meat cattle were generally kept outdoors. Small and young animals would reside in the barn during harsh weather.

Restored barn and chicken coop artwork

Church print

Replica of Historic Church

The church at Pioneer Village is from the 1890s time period and is a replica of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, which was built in Narcoossee and later moved to St. Cloud.

The building, which is no longer a church, currently houses a business and is located on 10th St. in St Cloud.

Narcoossee Schoolhouse Replica

The schoolhouse at the Pioneer Village is modeled after the Narcoossee Schoolhouse, which is currently located in Narcoossee, Florida. The Narcoossee Chapter of the Osceola County Historical Society owns the original schoolhouse and oversees the restoration and preservation of the building.

The first schools built in Osceola County were originally named and numbered; this schoolhouse was Narcoossee Number 12.” It had 25 students when it opened.

Schoolhouse print

The Narcoossee school also served as a community center, which was typical for the period. The schoolhouse served as a venue for events such as Christmas parties, 4thof July celebrations, social gatherings, theater, musical entertainment, readings, meetings, and temporarily as a church. It was common to have a piano in the schoolhouse.

Seminole Chickees

Seminole Chickees

These structures in the Seminole Settlement at Pioneer Village are called chickees. The structures varied in sizes and generally had a consistent shape. Most were square or rectangle some round. Some structures are raised, and some are open. Raised floors are meant for living and sleeping, while open, covered chickees are meant for cooking and smoking meats.