Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek: Revatilized!

1 year ago, you invested in us, well beyond your cash donations. You revitalized our spirits, and helped us move forward. 

 On November 12, 2017 the Osceola County Historical Society woke up after a very successful 26th Annual Pioneer Day sponsored by Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures only to find out the irreplaceable Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek had been vandalized just hours after the event.

 In a time of need the community showed support like never before. Within four days from over 90 donors we were able to successfully raise over $6,000 to help rebuild, repair, and re-secure the Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek. It’s hard to put to words the emotional impact this had on the staff and Board of Directors. In a time of devastation after the team worked tirelessly getting the Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek prepared for the 26th Annual Pioneer Day sponsored by Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures and the blood, sweat, and tears that went into completing the expansion in time to open the last replica building; a late 1800s General Store the community showed it is truly worth it.

With the funds raised OCHS was able to complete the following:

  • Repair supplies for the Lanier/Tyson house doors and boarding up the windows and church door.
  • Repaired the Lanier house doors
  • Replaced the Tyson house door
  • Repaired the bullet hole in the General Store
  • Repaired the broken light by the smokehouse
  • Repaired the church door and the Cadman house screen doors that were damaged.
  • The school house door was repaired
  • The Lanier house windows were repaired
  • The security system has been put into place, including cameras. 
  • Bullet hole in school house window was repaired.

At this time we want to take a moment to say THANK YOU! Thank you for your contributions financially, emotionally, and physically. We believe history is happening all around us and are so proud of the community we live in. Thank you for helping us not only preserve history, but also for helping us make it!

Your immediate support revitalized our spirit and encourages us to continue fulfilling our mission every day.