Osceola Passport provides educational resources for teachers, homeschool families, and anyone who wants to learn more about our local culture and history.

These units of study are correlated to state standards and include a lesson plan, activities, and workbooks (teacher and student editions). Through each exercise, students are encouraged to think like a historian and to consider their sources of information.

The cost of each unit is $15 unless otherwise noted.

The Native Seminole unit is available beginning January 2021. Future units will include Transportation, Pioneer Life, Commerce, and Community.

Native Seminole Unit

The Seminole unit addresses State Standards: SS.4.A.2 Pre-Columbian Florida and SS.4.A.3 (3.1-2, 7, 8-10) Exploration and Settlement of Florida. Topics include:

  • Paleo-Americans and Indigenous Peoples in Florida
  • The Age of Exploration
  • Seminole Nation
  • Seminole in Osceola County

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