Historical Wedding Traditions: Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

With the opening of our 1800s Replica Historic Church available for Weddings and Vow Renewals, we have spent the past several months taking a look at common wedding traditions.  We thought it was time to switch gears and look into planning the wedding itself.

Join us for a multi-part mini-series as we look into the tricks and traps of planning an outdoor wedding!

According to the website loveandlavendar.com, 43 percent of weddings in the United States are held outside. Therefore, there are a lot of people who can help you plan your big day as well as a lot of information available in print and online. Here are some thoughts to get you going.

Think about the venue’s pros and cons in relationship to what you want for your special day. Do you want a completely open area such as the beach, or would a venue with indoor and outdoor options, such as a back yard or an historic village like the Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek work better for you? Does the venue offer tables and chairs or do you have to rent them from an outside company? Do you want to customize your look and feel by bringing in your furniture or are you content with the options the venue provides? Does your venue have set restrooms or will you need to provide additional restroom facilities? There are restroom trailers now that are air conditioned and have an upscale look and feel to a traditional port-a-potty. A good rule of thumb is one toilet per 50 people for four hours. Add an additional toilet per every four hours the event will be held. 

Consider the temperature; heat and/or cold play a factor into planning an outdoor wedding. If your wedding is in one of Florida’s warmer months or during the day, you want to consider offering fans, sunscreen, and bottled water available for your guests from the moment they walk in. In the evening or colder months, you might want to have a supply of shawls or blankets for them. And of course, you might want to lay in a supply of umbrellas. (All of these make darling wedding favors, by the way.) Many tent companies are able to provide air conditioned tents or portable air conditioning units to run inside the Pavilion at the Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek which provide some relief for those hot days. As always, our Pavilion features ceiling fans available for use during those hot months as well! 

While considering temperature, you should also consultwith your florist and caterer about flowers that won’t wilt and food that won’t melt or spoil in the heat or cold. Traditional butter cream frosting or chocolate tends to soften or melt when it gets outside room temperature. Make sure your caterer or yourself if you’re providing your own food, is able to keep all foods at appropriate temperatures as well to avoid food borne illnesses.

Think about how guests will get to and from the venue. Will your elderly great-aunt, pregnant maid-of-honor, or toddler nephew need to walk over sand or uneven ground and for how long and how far of a distance?

Always have a rain back up plan in the case of inclement weather. What will you do if there is inclement weather on your special day? And how will you let your guests know? We recommend to have a tent on reserve in case your party is unable to fit in the Pavilion at The Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek.

Don’t be discouraged by these unique challenges of planning an outdoor wedding! There are numerous professionals in the area who have experience in planning outdoor weddings and can help to make your outdoor wedding everything you dreamed of!

 Best wishes as you make your story – history!!

 Have a question about a Wedding or party tradition that you want answered? Are you interested in renting the many venues managed by the Osceola County Historical Society for weddings, meetings, parties, or events?

Making Your Story – History!


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