Charles Nathan McMullen

The youngest of nine children of Matthew and Sarah McMullen, born April 28, 1865; Charles Nathan grew up in Roane, West Virginia, working on the family farm.  He was only six months old when his father died. At the age of thirteen, C.N. left home to make his own living.

When he was Chairman of the Publicity Committee for St. Cloud, Florida; in 1929, C.N. stated in an interview that he was a soldier. When troubles erupted with the Sioux Indians, he had enlisted June 5, 1891 at Fort D.A. Russell, Wyoming; in Company G, 17thRegiment and was discharged June 4, 1896 as a Private. 

In Columbus, Ohio when war was declared with Spain, he signed up to fight in the Spanish-American War. At the close of war, he again he went west, spending twenty-four years of his life as a ranchman in Colorado before moving to St. Cloud in 1922. C.N. served as the City Mayor in 1924. A member of several fraternal organizations, both in Colorado and St. Cloud C.N. was also connected with several oil companies and boasted that he had never borrowed any money in his life.

Charles N. McMullen was married twice and fathered five children. He died suddenly on February 6, 1941 and was buried in Mt. Peace Cemetery in St. Cloud.

Sources:  “St. Cloud Tribune” articles 1924, 1929 and 1941;

Photo:  “St. Cloud Tribune” March 28, 1929