20 Reasons to Visit Pioneer Village

20 Reasons to Visit Pioneer Village in 2020

Earlier this year we started a list of 20 Reasons to Visit Pioneer Village in 2020. Little did we know the COVID pandemic would still be going strong at the close of the year, which meant several of our reasons to visit could not happen this year, such as the annual Pioneer Day in November. But we introduced a new event “Living History Day at Pioneer Village” which is held the second Saturday of each month. While Living History Day is not nearly as big as Pioneer Day, it does give people a chance to come out each month and discover how Osceola County’s earliest settlers lived. And we’ve got 19 other reasons you can come see us any time of the year!

#1 – The People
Our visitor services staff and volunteers are available to assist you during your visit and to ensure you have a good time while at Pioneer Village. The village is open Tuesday – Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Guided tours are available on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and other days by appointment. Pioneer Village is an outdoor venue offering a safe, uncrowded experience with COVID-19 precautions. During the summer, the best time to visit is in the morning while it is cooler and to avoid the afternoon rain. Osceola History participates in Museums for All offering discounts for SNAP/EBT recipients.

# 2 – Feeding the chickens

#3 – Enjoying the Outdoors
Pioneer Village is located in Shingle Creek Regional Park. You can step back in time as you walk the paths through the village. Surrounding the village is a nature preserve, walking and biking trails, groves of century-old oak trees, a kayak/canoe launch, picnic areas and a playground. Come visit us and enjoy the great outdoors in Shingle Creek Park.

#4 – The Romance
Pioneer Village is a romantic place to get engaged, host your wedding, or renew your vows. The church is a replica of the original Episcopal Church of St. Peter built in Narcoossee in 1898. The historic homes, barn, train depot and century-old oak trees make a rustic, romantic background for your special event and photo sessions. We can also host birthday parties, reunions, and corporate events in the screened pavilion. Click here to to learn more about venue rentals at Pioneer Village.

#5 – The Tasty Honey
The gift shop at Pioneer Village offers 3 Beez Honey, made right here in Osceola County at 3 Beez Honey Farm in St. Cloud. Flavors available include Orange Blossom, Saw Palmetto and Wild Flower. 

#6 – Pioneer Shopping Days
The General Store at Pioneer Village was once the place where residents went to get a variety of goods from food and clothing to tools and toys. Much like our big box stores today, but without the crowds. The general store also served as the post office and the place to catch up on the latest news in town. 

#7 – Helping a good cause
Your admission fee to Pioneer Village helps us preserve the historic structures that tell the story of Osceola County’s earliest settlers.

#8 – Train Day
The first train arrived at the Narcoossee depot on July 19, 1889. The community marked the occasion with a big celebration. The train depot at Pioneer Village is a replica of the Narcoossee depot. Join as we celebrate Train Day on the second Saturday in July.

# 9 – Interesting Artifacts
The historic buildings at Pioneer Village are filled with interesting artifacts that Osceola County’s early settlers would have used in their homes and businesses. 

#10 – Nature Preserve and Wildlife
During a trip to Pioneer Village you can experience life as it was more than 100 years ago in wilds of undeveloped Florida. As part of Shingle Creek Regional Park, the village is surrounded by 160 acres that is home to native Florida plants, trees and wildlife. 

#11 – Living History Day
The second Saturday of each month Osceola History hosts Living History Day at Pioneer Village featuring pioneer life demonstrations and themed children’s activities. Come experience 19th-century life in Florida. Living History Day hours: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Event Admission Special: $8 for adults + free admission for 2 children (ages 4-12), all children under 4 admitted free.

#12 – The Guided Tours
Volunteers are available to lead you on a guided tour of Pioneer Village and share stories about life in early Osceola County. Guided tours are included in the regular admission price and are available on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and on other days by appointment. Call ahead to confirm availability, (407) 396-8644.

#13 – The Village People
Our dedicated volunteers help bring history to life during special events such as Living History Day, Pioneer Day, and school field trips.

#14 – Learning is Fun
The schoolhouse at Pioneer Village gives visitors a glimpse of school days in the 1880s. The schoolhouse is a replica of the original Narcoossee School, which was built in 1886 and is still standing on Yukon Street in St. Cloud. You can have fun learning about Osceola County’s early settlers while touring the homes, school, general store, train depot and more at Pioneer Village. 

#15 – Adventure
Ready for a pioneer adventure? Come see how Osceola County’s earliest settlers lived in a time before electricity or air conditioning, and the closest thing to a theme park ride might have been roping a calf. 

#16 – Shingle Creek Regional Park
Pioneer Village is part of Shingle Creek Regional Park. During a visit to the village you can also enjoy the walking and biking trails, picnic areas and children’s playground. You can even arrive by kayak or canoe and access the launch area near the village. For information about kayak and canoe rentals contact our partners at The Paddling Center

#17 – Fun for the whole family
A day at Pioneer Village is fun for the whole family. The kids will enjoy ringing the school bell and seeing the old schoolhouse while parents can experience what it was like to shop an an old-fashion general store. See how early Osceola County families lived and worked in the 1800s. After your tour of the village, have a picnic, walk the trails and have some fun on the playground. 

#18 – Unplugging from technology
Come unplug for awhile at Pioneer Village and experience what life was like before TVs, computers and cell phones. Pictured is a gramophone on display in the Lanier House. Gramophones were used to play music records and were popular in the 1890s. See this and other old-fashion technology at Pioneer Village.

#19 – The Music
The band Sandy Back Porch entertained us at the 2019 Pioneer Day, and we look forward to having them back in 2021. We plan to add music to more of the Living History Day events in the coming year. 

#20 – It’s Not Your Average Theme Park