Twilight Ghost Tour of Downtown Kissimmee – 2018

Twilight Ghost Tour of Downtown Kissimmee Join the Osceola County Historical Society on a spirited, twilight Ghost Tour of Downtown Kissimmee. 45 thrilling minutes for only $10 adults, $5 children (12 and under). Online payment fees apply. Sign up now, before this terror-ific offer passes away. Ghost Tours will be held in conjunction with Boo! […]

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Not Your Mother’s Halloween: The Origins and History of the Spookiest Night in America

Long before October 31st became a night of candy and mischief, before princesses, video game heroes, and ghouls of all kinds walked the chilly, dusk lit streets in hopes of filling their pillow case sacks with all manner or sweets and sugar, Halloween was a night of celebration and a warning of the season to come.

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Veterans Clock Tower

The pride of St. Cloud, Florida; in 1925, was the clock attached to the People’s Bank Building located at the corner of Tenth Street and New York Avenue.  The clock first chimed on Monday, July 20, 1925, striking various musical combinations arranged for each quarter hour.  When the bank failed in 1928, the St. Cloud City Commission voted to purchase the clock, offering $250.00 – the amount to be absorbed in taxes owed.

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Rising from the Ashes

When the ten-year-old wooden Osceola High School burned to the ground on July 7, 1908; the headlines read “Pride of Osceola Is Laid In Ashes”.  A committee of citizens was immediately appointed by the School Board to secure plans for the erection of a new school building.  Cooper Contracting Company of Fitzgerald, Georgia was awarded the contract for $17,500 to construct the three-story structure using sand lime brick. 

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Royal Weddings

How many of you got up before dawn on May 19th to watch the wedding of Meghan Markel and Prince Harry? Did you get excited when you first saw her gown? Were you energized by the message of the sermon? Did you wonder at the variety of the music and the cuteness of the attendants? I sure did and it got me musing.

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