Stepping in Time to the Music

Toe tapping and finger snapping aren’t usually something you’d do at an exhibit opening, unless that opening is about music, or in our case, the bands of Osceola County. At the opening reception we welcomed former band director, Larry O’Grady, who spoke about his days at Denn John and Osceola High School. The reception guests were also treated to a performance by a few of the members of OHS drum line

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100 Years Ago in Osceola County

100 Years Ago in Osceola County – Front page headlines for the “Kissimmee Valley Gazette”, Friday, March 9, 1917 issue reported: “Kissimmee’s Historic Landmark Destroyed By Fire Last Sunday, Old Brandow Opera House, Owned by W.B. Makinson, Is a Total Loss”

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A Unique Dining Experience

Amid some controversy, our first Dine with the Departed was held on March 13, 2010 in historic Rose Hill Cemetery. The decision was made by the Osceola County Historical Society to host something different – not the usual ghost tour, generally occurring in October, but to present an educational evening, striving to raise funds for the organization.

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The Sweet Potato Pie that Built a Church

An “Osceola Sun” article headline for July 13, 1977 read, “Sweet potato pie that built a church”. In 1962, the congregation of St. Luke Baptist Church was in need of a new sanctuary to replace the original building erected a few years after organizing in 1882. About 1966, under the leadership of Rev. T.C. Callahan, planning and fundraising began for the $100,000 project. Contributions and special events brought in some funds, but bake sales featuring Bertha Stallworth’s sweet potato pie were the major fundraiser.

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Theresa Robinson Helms

Theresa Robinson was born on March 7, 1912, in Narcoossee, Florida. Her father John owned a 10 acre orange grove. John died before Theresa graduated from the local school but her mother was determined for her to have an education. Since the beginning of the county, Black education up to the eighth grade was available but those who wished to go to high school had to go elsewhere. Theresa’s mother sent her to Florida Normal College in St. Augustine, a high school level institution designed to train teachers for the Black schools.

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