Where was Neallo?

One of the official actions at the first School Board meeting on August 29, 1887 was to name and number the schools.  # 5 was Shiloh, #7 Cross Prairie, #11 Neallo and #13 was Lakeview, to name a few.  There were a total of twenty-one with #22, Merry Winter, added the following month.  The salary for teachers assigned between ten and fifteen students was set at $20 a month; classes above fifteen students would result in $1.50 per student per month additional payment.

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Floriography or The Language of Flowers

Did you know that for centuries, people worldwide have believed that flowers have certain properties, and by grouping different flowers together they can send a hidden message? This is called floriographyor The Language of Flowers.

Floriography gained popularity during the reign of Queen Victoria in the mid- to late-1800s when flower dictionaries became popular and homes would have books on the secret language of flowers. The first flower dictionary was published in France in 1819, and by 1879 books on flowers and their meanings were widely available in England and the United States.

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Summer Activities in Osceola County!

Summer time in Florida is the perfect opportunity to explore the activities and attractions Osceola County has to offer! Offering family-friendly adventures, there are plenty of activities to ensure everyone has fun! Check out some of our f…

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OH! Employee Spotlight: Kayla Smith

This month’s spotlight is all about OCHS Curator and Collections Manager, Kayla Smith. Kayla began working at the Osceola County Historical Society as a volunteer in 2016 before she took the position as Curator on her birthday that same year. She spends her free time with her husband, Paul, and their son. She enjoys exploring the outdoors and teaching her son about the world. Kayla spoke with Program Director, Larissa Bixby; let’s see what she said:

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2018 History Month Proclamations

Proclamation, it just sounds important, doesn’t it? Did you know that a proclamation is a public or official announcement, especially one dealing with a matter of great importance? 

 During the month of May, the Osceola County Historical Society received a number of acknowledgments declaring the whole month of May, History Month. 

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History is Happening!