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Current Project:  Raising funds and support for the restoration of the circa 1886 Narcoossee Schoolhouse (located at 5026 Yukon Street adjacent to the Narcoossee Fire Department.)





History is Happening in Narcoossee!


With Florida’s summer heat in full swing, one wonders how our early pioneers ever survived this season?  My own great-grandmother, born in Bloomfield, Florida (in what is now Lake County) in the late 1800s, told me, “she did just fine” and that was in full Victorian regalia!  Long sleeves, long skirts, stockings, closed shoes…no tank tops, shorts, flip-flops….  Can you imagine?

With no air-conditioning option, their bodies acclimated to the heat and knowing no difference, they did just fine.  But it is “cool” in every way that a Floridian led the way to the invention of air-conditioning!  Dr. John Gorrie (1802 – 1805), who practiced medicine in Apalachicola, FL pioneered mechanical refrigeration while trying to treat patients with tropical diseases like yellow fever and malaria.  He discovered that cool air provided great relief to patients.  At first, he suspended ice blocks in pots from ceilings in patients’ closed rooms with air passing over the blocks to cool the rooms.  But at the time, all ice was shipped from colder climates up North.  This was not timely or sufficient and it led Dr. Gorrie to discover other ways to lower indoor temperatures without ice, and ultimately to his invention of the first machine that could both cool air and make ice.  (Source:  Florida Made – The 25 Most Important Figures Who Shaped the State by George Lemieux and Laura E. Mize)


Dr. John Gorrie’s inventions that led to air-conditioning were so important to so many and he is one of only two Floridians commemorated with a statue in the National Statuary Hall in our nation’s Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.


So, treasure the cool air we now enjoy and your Florida summer!  Our next Narcoossee event will be in the fall – A Community BBQ and Bake Sale on Saturday, September 15th from 11am-3pm at the historic Narcoossee Schoolhouse.  We cannot guarantee cool air by then, but we can guarantee warm fellowship and tasty food & treats!

Hope to see you there!

History is Happening in Narcoossee!



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History is Happening!