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Current Project:  Raising funds and support for the restoration of the circa 1886 Narcoossee Schoolhouse (located at 5026 Yukon Street adjacent to the Narcoossee Fire Department.)



History is Happening in Narcoossee!

♥ Will You Be Mine? ♥

Remember the delicate paper doilies we decorated and embellished with red hearts and such as schoolchildren? Well, this was carryover from the popularity and traditions of Valentine’s Day celebrations that reached their peak during the Victorian Era. This same era is when enterprising British settlers moved to America and founded Narcoossee in 1884.

Victorian Valentines were truly “over the top” with much care and attention given to detail and designs using a myriad of items such as lace, dried flowers & plants, seashells, glass & mirrors, ribbons, feathers, and a variety of paper even marriage licenses!

Poetry and lyrics were added to show affection and pledge devotion. This example composed by James Beaton reflects how large the volume of Valentine mail had become:

The letters in St. Valentine so vastly will amount,
Postmen may judge them by the lot, they won’t have time to count;
They must bring round spades and measures, to poor love-sick souls
Deliver them by bushels, the same as they do coals.

Why not skip the aisles of mass-produced, everyday Valentines this year? Take the time to tap into your own creative side – those doilies are still out there – and make a special Victorian-esque Valentine for a special person in your life!

The beauty and detail of a Victorian Valentine.

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History is Happening in Narcoossee!

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History is Happening!