Lanier House

The Lanier House, a part of the Pioneer Village, is an integral part of telling the story of one of Osceola County’s pioneering families. This home presents an example of the “Florida Cracker” architectural style, and is an original – built in Osceola County sometime in the late 1800s. Through this authentic structure, the Osceola County Historical Society is able to share the narrative of an average Pioneering family in Florida.

The narrative for this house spans 100 years of history for the Lanier family, from John Lanier’s birth in 1805 and arrival in Florida in the 1830s, to his grandson Raymond’s purchase of a home and farm land in 1905 where he starts a family in the 1920s. It shows the Lanier family assisting each other over three generations, sharing work, property, and other resources. They represent a major theme in central Florida history as cattlemen migrate to the area with their families, settle down, establish communities, expand into vegetable and citrus, and start businesses to diversify their income.


  • The Lanier House owned by the Osceola County Historical Society was originally located at 1964 Ham Brown Rd, and according to property tax records, it first appears as a taxable property in 1906.
  • However, researchers believe that the house was built by Jonathan Strickland in the late 1800s, and sold to the Lanier family in 1905.
  • The home itself is representative of the “Cracker House” style from the late 1800s in Florida.
  • The double pen type or “dog-trot” house was commonly built in a log construction form in the region until the mid to late 19th century, and then continued to be constructed in dimensional lumber forms as the sawmill industry began to exploit the vast resources of yellow pine and cypress timber in the late 19th to early 20th century.
  • In 1986, the home was donated to the Osceola County Historical Society by Ross Lanier. It was relocated to the Bass Rd. location and restoration was completed to return the house back to what it would have looked like in its day.
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