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Donnita Dampier                     Dear Friends,

OCHS Executive Director             I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the expansion of the
& History Magazine Editor-in-Chief  Shingle Creek Regional Trail that will soon connect the Shingle Creek
                                    Park area to the Kissimmee Lakefront. For weeks now the moving of dirt
                                    and pouring of concrete has filled my view, and the beeping of trucks
                                    and conversing of workers has filled my ears as the construction on the
                                    newest section of the trail has been under construction outside of my office
                                    window. By early 2016, the trail will be complete connecting the Osceola
                                    County Welcome Center to the Pioneer Village, and we can hardly wait!
                                    The staff at the Osceola County Historical Society is excited for the new
                                    programming opportunities that will become available with the opening of
                                    this section of trails, as well as the new visitors it will bring.

                                    With the opening of our most recent exhibit in celebration of Hispanic
                                    Heritage month, “Connecting to Cuba” our staff has created our first ever
                                    exhibit in both Spanish and English. I encourage you to stop by and learn
                                    about the relationship between the United States and Cuba through this
                                    unique exhibit featuring a wonderful painting from the “Painting of a
                                    Woman” collection by the talented Cuban artist, Aichel Sarduy.

                                    I hope that you enjoy this issue of “History” and will join us in preserving
                                    and sharing our community’s rich history! Thank you for taking time to
                                    learn more about the Osceola County Historical Society and what we do!

                                                  Donnita Dampier
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