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Stacy McCland                      A MESSAGE FROM THE

President                          PRESIDENTS’ OFFICE
Osceola County Historical Society
                                   Hello All! I hope you are having a wonderful year so far. The
                                   Osceola County Historical Society has had an exciting first half of
                                   the year. Our premier fundraiser, Dine with the Departed, was a
                                   great success. The weather was perfect, the food was fantastic,
                                   and the Departed were entertaining. We also had an Art in the
                                   Archives night where participants created their own painted piece
                                   of Highwayman art. It was so popular, we might have to make this a
                                   quarterly event!
                                   As summer is quickly approaching, we have more exciting events
                                   right around the corner. Our children’s Summer Camp registration
                                   is in full swing. If you have little ones and want them to attend an
                                   exciting, fun, and educational camp this year, sign them up before
                                   all of the spots are filled. Our special exhibit beginning June 3rd is
                                   a tribute to the Silver Spurs Rodeo. Please stop by the museum to
                                   learn some fun facts you may not know about this famous rodeo
                                   and see some artifacts not normally available to the public for
                                   Thank you so much for being part of our organization! We couldn’t
                                   do it without you!

                                   Stacy McCland

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