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                                                                                              By Scott B. Dickie

BENEFITS OF VOLUNTEERING…            My 4 Benefits of Volunteering!        more reserved to come forward
you may not have considered!                                               and integrate more. It gives people
Thinking about volunteering? Not     My number 1 benefit of                the opportunity to learn skills from
sure about how to take the next      volunteering is ‘CONNECTIONS’.        each other and opens their eyes to
step? Cautious about ‘jumping in’?   And not the electronic facespace,     broader, more diverse living.
Always having good intentions to     likedHim or tritter type of
volunteer in one’s community…..but   connection…REAL connections!          My number 2 benefit of volunteering
always procrastinating and never     Face-to-face connections…people       is how good it is for your ‘MIND and
following through?                   from all walks of life committing     BODY’. Volunteering can give you
                                     to a shared activity together to      a huge boost in self-confidence and
Think of it another way:             help a community or charitable        self-belief. It can provide a natural
                                     organization or even a person/family  sense of accomplishment when
“Volunteering can have surprising    that are struggling. It strengthens   you do good for people and your
benefits to both your mental health  your ties to your neighborhood        community, which can turn into
and well-being”                      or community and exposes you to       pride, happiness and fulfillment.
                                     people with similar interests. You    When you can feel that, you then
The benefits of a few hours a week   start to be the glue that keeps the   know how to duplicate that feeling
volunteering can be enormous to      community together and alive and      in your busy hectic life to give you a
you, your family, your neighborhood  kicking.                              more positive view on your goal.
and even your community and
beyond.                              Volunteering helps those that are     It has even been said that

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