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A Letter from the Office of the President

Happy New Year! History events in 2014 you can still be a part of
is Happening in 2014 History Happening in Osceola County by

and as supporters of the supporting the organization with your tax
Osceola County Historical deductible financial gift, simply send your

Society you have many opportunities this contribution to Osceola County Historical
year to be involved in making History happen Society PO Box 421996, Kissimmee, FL 34742.

in Osceola County. We have five different
committees that need enthusiastic, creative Finally I want to invite you to watch for

and thoughtful volunteers to serve. You our move from the Pioneer Village on Bass
can choose your volunteer time with any of Road to our new location at Babbs Landing

these committees, Finance, Marketing, Donor in Shingle Creek Regional Park. Four of
Relations, Collections and Preservations, the eight major structures are scheduled

and Expansion, something interesting for to be relocated to the new Pioneer Village
everyone. Committees meet once a month and living history exhibit site at the end of

usually at the noon hour at the Welcome January with the remaining half of the move
Center. If you are interested please contact occurring in February.

our Executive Director Donnita Dampier at
407-361-8965. History is Happening in Osceola County, I

hope you will consider participating in our
If committee work doesn’t float your boat we New Year journey to help make a difference

also invite you to enjoy and partake in the for Osceola County Historical Society in
many special events the Historical Society 2014.

does throughout the year. With our most well
attended event nearly upon us Dine With the
Departed March 8th tickets and sponsorships
opportunities are available by contacting

Donnita Dampier at 407-361-8965.
Kriss Titus

If you are just too busy to volunteer time
Osceola County Historical Society
or take part in the many Historical Society

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