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From the Executive Director’s Office

n this issue of HISTORY you will read about OCHSs Im very happy to share
fantastic volunteers, Larry and Jo Garrett. I have that Osceola County has
had the privilege of knowing the Garretts since approved the release of
Ithey began volunteering for the Historical Society $1.4 Million Dollars that
in 2007 and have seen firsthand their dedication to the has been set aside for the
preservation of history. They are such a joy to work with expansion and relocation
and openly share their passion for history with anyone of the Pioneer Village to
who will listen. We certainly would not be where we Babb Landing in the Shingle
are today as a history organization without their tireless Creek Regional Park. We
work on documenting and researching every item in our will be adding 4 historic
rather large collection. If youre interested in a behind structures to our collection
the scenes look at our collection contact our office today, and moving our existing
youll really be impressed by the Garretts work after historic structures to create
peeking in our storage facility and grasping just how big a brand new Pioneer Village.
of a job they actually took on. Look for more information Donnita Dampier
through our website and OCHS Executive Director
& Hisory Magazine Editor -in-Cheif
Our newest exhibit, A Land Remembered is a great local news media in the
look into Floridas past and is currently showcased in coming months about this
the Temporary Exhibit Gallery of the Osceola County monumental project! History
Welcome Center and History Museum. Since the Grand Is Happening now in Osceola County!
Opening of the Welcome Center and History Museum

in November we have had over 6,000 guests visit the new In conclusion, I would like to say thank you to everyone
facility and hope that you were one of them. The new who has worked so hard to help further the mission of the
facility has been such a joy to be part of and I am very Historical Society. We would not be where we are today
proud to have had the opportunity to work on such a great if it were not for the hard work and dedication of those
new addition to Osceola County. Six years ago when the who came before us and those who help us every day. Its
Historical Society Board of Directors began to discuss the a pleasure for me to come to work every day and feel like
option of a new history museum they certainly had great Ive done something that matters today, tomorrow, and
plans, but I dont know if any of them really imagined the for many years to come.
facility we have today. Through partnering with Osceola
County we have been able to create a state of the art
Welcome Center and History Museum that exceeded
all of our expectations. Your business can support the
new location as a sponsor, and more information about
sponsorship opportunities is contained in this issue of
HISTORY. I hope that you would consider supporting the
mission of the Historical Society in a capacity that best Send Comments or Suggestions to
fits you, your family, or your business.

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