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A Land


Have you ever wondered what life
must have been like for the Florida Pioneers?

A Land Remembered, the temporary exhibit
currently on display at the Osceola County Welcome
Center and History Museum, takes visitors on a
journey through Florida history as told through the
story of the MacIvey family, featured in Patrick D.
Smith’s book of the same title. The novel, a fictional
story which relies on real Florida history for its
plotlines, follows the generations of MacIvey men
from the times of the early pioneers and the Civil
War, all the way through the Florida land boom and
the 1960s.

The exhibit follows these stories, while also
exploring the real-life history behind the novel.
Historic photographs bring the book pages to life,
as visitors will have a chance to see scenes from
the book as they actually happened, including the
Steamboats in Punta Rassa or the damage caused
by the Hurricanes of the 1920s. Objects from the
Historical Societys collections are on display to
coincide with items discussed in the books, such as
a biscuit cutter or brands that the characters would
have used on a daily basis, to Seminole artifacts to
relate to the familys relationship with the local tribe.

This exhibit will continue through January
30 , so be sure to come see it before its gone!

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