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How It s Made

By Kate Doyle Brown

s a Yankee, I dont know much about for about 5 minutes. When you return, you pour
sweet tea. When you go into a restaurant the tea into a designated vessel in which you have
around here and you ask for iced tea, they already put your sugar. This is an important part,
Aalways say Sweet or unsweet. Me? Im putting the sugar in the vessel first. Of course,
an unsweet person, always just having regular. And there is a designated sugar scoop for the proper
if I did have a hankering for a sweet beverage, I amount of sugar and you also have a special tea
would just take one of Sweet Tea spoon in which to stir the
those little packets of mixture. So, you pour
sugar and dump it in your boiled tea into your
and stir. I have come to tea pitcher and stir with
find out that this is not what sweet tea is all about the tea stained tea spoon. The final step is to add
and in fact, there is quite a process in making the the water. Dont add ice cubes at this point, you put
beloved southern drink. One of my friends told them in the glass before you pour in the brew. Now
me how she makes her sweet tea. She has an old, you have your sweet tea! I was fascinated by this
old sauce pan that she always uses. Its only use ritual and asked another southern friend how she
is for sweet tea. It has tea stains on it from the tea made hers. She pretty much does it the same way.
for heavens sake. She puts water in the pan up This seems to be a tried and true recipe, passed
to a certain point, which I assume is the tea stain down through the ages. Heres to sweet tea, may
line, puts the tea bags in the pan and brings it to it continue to thrive in the south and maybe one
a boil. I then asked How long do you let it boil? day it will make it up north. But probably not. They
She said, well as long as it takes to go to the . . just give you a glass of regular tea and you add the
I think that she meant that you boil the mixture sugar from the packet!

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