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in English and Spanish; Larry in doing what they loved most. with a permanent marker to Larry
History and Sociology. In 1977 looking for artifacts. In 1997 as a gift and they have travelled all
Larry got a Fellowship to George Larry became disabled and they over collecting these
Peabody College for Teachers returned to the US. They lived unique signatures.
(now Vanderbilt). Joanne worked in Pensacola for 2 years where
in the admissions office while Joannes mother lived with them. On December 15, 2004 Larry was
Larry got his PhD. They took Then Sheik Nayan Bin Mubarak al disabled with Degenerative Osteo
turns and after Larry received Nayan, Minister of Education and Arthritis. He now has Rheumatoid
his doctorate, Joanne earned hers Scientific Research, UAE, called Arthritis as well and suffers
at Vanderbilt. for them to help build a college in with flares from both. Joanne
Al Fujairah, where they stayed for has flares of fibromyalgia and
They have had papers published 2 years. The college was holding osteoarthritis. On May 1, 2007
all over the world and have class in a revolving restaurant they both officially retired. They
travelled all over the world. They while a new womens college was moved to Kissimmee and they
have been to 52 countries and being built. They wrote textbooks started volunteering here at OCHS
every continent but Antarctica. and curriculum for computers; on November 11 of the same year.
Larry blessed his dear mother Larry taught computing, and In that time they have donated
when he and Joanne shared their Joanne was Supervisor of several thousand hours where
love of travel with her and took Academic Services. they have accessioned every item
her on a trip of a lifetime. She in our former museum, the Lanier
had never travelled and he drove I said this was a love story and House and 1003 items (so far) in
his mother 14,000 miles in a would like to tell of another the Cadman Collection. They say
1973 Ford LTD. They visited 42 passion that they share. Larry our artifacts are a gem. One of
states, Canada and Mexico. One and Joanne collect marbles; 20th their favorite pieces is our 1860s
Friday afternoon in 1985 Larry Century American machine- shingle hatchet.
got a call from the Consulate of made marbles. This passion
the State of Kuwait offering him started with a dig in Pensacola I would like to end their love
a job interview on that Monday. where Larry spent 5 ½ years story with a cute story that they
Larry thought it was his boss volunteering in Archaeology at shared with me. While in Fujairah
who was a practical joker. So he the University of West Florida. He they had a young student that
went along with what he thought attended 5 field digs and put in called them mother and father;
was a prank. He said sure, but hundreds of hours in labs. On one they addressed her as daughter.
my wife has to have a job too of the digs Larry found a 1700s She came in one morning and
at the same rank. Well, it was no marble dropped by the Spanish; a announced that her and her
prank and on Monday Larry and black-ball marble used for voting. boyfriend had done it the night
Joanne reported to the Consulate Like Larry and Joannes love, this before and that it felt wonderful.
in Washington; a few weeks later passion has blossomed over the She came in the next morning and
they arrived in Kuwait City as years. They have collected 30,000 made the same announcement.
consultants for a year with the marbles, over 900 of which were Concerned with what it was, they
Ministry of Education. Their job found. They have willed their asked her to explain. The young
was to evaluate and streamline collection to a museum in West woman and her boyfriend had
computer-based admissions and Virginia. They have, of course, held hands; something that they
registration activities. In 1993 written a catalog documenting had observed Larry and Joanne
both were both recruited to work their collection and it is 3,000 doing. It must still feel wonderful
in the United Arab Emirates. Larry pages. This collection also has because the day I interviewed
taught for 4 years while Joanne a one-of-a-kind original piece. The Garretts I saw them walking
worked as Registrar in Al Ain, It is a glazed white mug with 22 across the street to the Steffee
Abu Dhabi. When they were not signatures of marble experts and Nature Preserve they were
working they were in the desert artists. Joanne gave the mug along holding hands.

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