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FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S OFFICE Things are heating up quickly around here, summer has officially begun and it’s definitely in full swing. The Historical Society’s expansion is heating up just as quickly. Babb Landing in Shingle Creek Regional Park is bustling with workers bringing in more historic structures, restoring others, and constructing a “Cracker” Cow Camp and Seminole Indian encampment. I hope you are as excited about the grand opening of the new Pioneer Village Donnita Dampier at Shingle Creek this November as we are! OCHS Executive Director In this issue of HISTORY you can read about the Kissimmee Lakefront’s past & History Magazine Editor-in-Chief as well as the new projects taking place there right now. The Kissimmee Lakefront has seen its share of changes over the years and the newest renovation has really changed the look and feel of the park. This new look and layout has created an amazing destination for Kissimmee’s downtown, the likes of which hasn’t been seen there in quite some time. My family and I have enjoyed the new playground at the park with friends on numerous occasions and are looking forward to enjoying the rest of the park once it’s completed. This year’s Histories Mysteries Summer Camp will be such a memorable time for the lucky kids attending. They will be doing everything from canoeing the wild waters of Shingle Creek and hiking the parks many nature trails to digging for remnants of earlier civilizations and learning to survive the Florida wilderness like the early Pioneers. There may still be a few spots left if you’re interested in signing up your child. Check out our website for dates and sessions. For up to date information on the Historical Society please follow us on Facebook. Please enjoy this issue of HISTORY and remember “History is Happening!” Send Comments or Suggestions to donnita@ 4 | OCHS HISTORY MAGAZINE
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