What Next – How to Start Planning Your Big Day!

The holidays are over, and for some readers, your gifts included an engagement ring. We offer you our best wishes as you start preparing for your dream day. We are sure you are still in a cloud of excitement and happiness.

You’ve most likely told your families and your friends. But by now, the love that surrounded the announcement is probably giving way to the panic of “What next”. We’d like to offer some hints on where to start.

Why You Should Consider Holding Your Wedding at an OCHS Venue

Couples who are planning weddings put much thought into where to have their wedding. Do you want to have the ceremony in a religious setting then move to a hall or hotel for the reception party? Are there reasons to have everything in one place? What are some of the advantages of holding your wedding at venues like the Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek or the Osceola County Welcome Center and History Museum? This blog aims to put forth some answers to those questions.

Historical Wedding Traditions: Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

With the opening of our 1800s Replica Historic Church available for Weddings and Vow Renewals, we have spent the past several months taking a look at common wedding traditions. We thought it was time to switch gears and look into planning the wedding itself.

Join us for a multi-part mini-series as we look into the tricks and traps of planning an outdoor wedding!

Royal Weddings

How many of you got up before dawn on May 19th to watch the wedding of Meghan Markel and Prince Harry? Did you get excited when you first saw her gown? Were you energized by the message of the sermon? Did you wonder at the variety of the music and the cuteness of the attendants? I sure did and it got me musing.

Floriography or The Language of Flowers

Did you know that for centuries, people worldwide have believed that flowers have certain properties, and by grouping different flowers together they can send a hidden message? This is called floriographyor The Language of Flowers.

Floriography gained popularity during the reign of Queen Victoria in the mid- to late-1800s when flower dictionaries became popular and homes would have books on the secret language of flowers. The first flower dictionary was published in France in 1819, and by 1879 books on flowers and their meanings were widely available in England and the United States.

History is Happening!