St. Cloud’s Santa

After retiring as an agent for the Prudential Life Insurance Company, Edward Adam Boehme and his third wife Anna arrived in St. Cloud in 1936.  With Anna’s help, he dedicated himself to bringing happiness at Christmas to children and shut-ins for the next seventeen years of his life by becoming Santa Claus of St. Cloud.

Opendoor: Buying and Selling Homes

Buying and selling homes can be tricky and time consuming, here are some fun facts about the newest way to buy and sell homes through Opendoor. 

OCHS Employee Spotlight: Laura Wakefield

Laura Wakefield has been attending Osceola County Historical Society  events for years. Born and raised in Osceola County, Laura was a history teacher in the county for over 18 years and would bring her students to the Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek to research local history. In June 2018, Laura joined the OCHS team as a grant specialist. Larissa Bixby caught up with Laura to get to know her a bit better.

Lights, Camera, Christmas Lights!

The hustle and bustle of working, shopping for gifts, and making sure the house is decorated with holiday décor can be exhausting and overwhelming at times so we’ve created a list of family friendly locations that are decked full of cheer and picture perfect. Here are 5 locations to check out over the holiday season!

The 1914 Christmas Truce

Christmas Eve 1914 began like any other day during the war, but as evening neared, singing was heard across the trenches. British soldiers were reporting that the Germans illuminated their trenches and were singing Christmas carols. This was taking place spontaneously and simultaneously down the lines. The British side soon joined in the singing and in some locations, soldiers from each side climbed from their trenches, carefully made their way into no-man’s land, and exchanged well-wishes, gifts and handshakes. Some places along the lines even reported an impromptu soccer game taking place.

History is Happening!