The Rise and Fall of the Runnymede Lodge

A large hotel was erected about 1885 west of Narcoossee on the shores of East Lake Tohopekaliga and near Lake Runnymede. Although it is not clear who had it built, a 1912 newspaper article claims it was built by the Disston Sugar Company. John L. Hill owned the hotel and property, then sold it to the Runnymede Planting Company in 1892.

Artifact Spotlight: European Glass Trade Beads

In the last weeks of Florida Archaeology Month, let’s talk beads. Beads are an important part of Native American cultures. The size, shape, color, and material of beads denotes status in many native cultures. Early beads found in Florida and the greater Eastern coastal region were made from clay, bone and shell.

100 Years Ago in Osceola County

100 Years Ago in Osceola County – Front page headlines for the “Kissimmee Valley Gazette”, Friday, March 9, 1917 issue reported: “Kissimmee’s Historic Landmark Destroyed By Fire Last Sunday, Old Brandow Opera House, Owned by W.B. Makinson, Is a Total Loss”

Artifact Spotlight: The Teacher’s Desk

The one-room schoolhouse of the early 1900s was often filled with benches or desks, but one stood out from the rest: the teacher’s desk. Many times, there were too many students and children had to resort to sharing those desks, as well as books and other school items. However, the teacher’s desk was for one person: the teacher.

The Sweet Potato Pie that Built a Church

An “Osceola Sun” article headline for July 13, 1977 read, “Sweet potato pie that built a church”. In 1962, the congregation of St. Luke Baptist Church was in need of a new sanctuary to replace the original building erected a few years after organizing in 1882. About 1966, under the leadership of Rev. T.C. Callahan, planning and fundraising began for the $100,000 project. Contributions and special events brought in some funds, but bake sales featuring Bertha Stallworth’s sweet potato pie were the major fundraiser.

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