Top 25 Reasons to Attend the 25th Annual Pioneer Days Event

Every once in a while an event rolls around that you just don’t want to miss…this year, that event is the Osceola County Historical Society’s 25th Annual Pioneer Days Event!

Antique Funeral Coach

The haunted history of Osceola County has creaked into the artifact collection at OCHS. The antique funeral coach, shrouded in mystery, was donated to the Osceola County Historical Society by Osceola Memory Gardens in 2015. Although the ori…

Mary Crawford Bryan

Mary Crawford Bryan, died on June 14, 1950 and on October 23, 1951, the new elementary school, Mary C. Bryan Elementary School was dedicated in her memory and her forty years as a teacher in Osceola County from 1892-1932. Over the years, additions and modifications were made to the original structure when it became Beaumont Middle School.

Reasons to Visit the Osceola County Welcome Center and History Museum

If you are wondering why you should stop by to see us at the Welcome Center and History Museum, here are a few reasons, free admission, family friendly and full of history.

5 Reasons to Visit the Pioneer Village This Summer

Looking for something unique to do with family and friends this summer? Look no farther! The Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek is comprised of a permanent collection of 8 historic structures which once stood in different areas of Osceola County.

History is Happening!