Painting a Florida Treasure: December’s Art in the Archives

Art in the Archives is held three times a year and the theme of each painting ties back to our special temporary exhibit. This month’s event featured a Florida treasure, much like Buster Kenton. Osceola County native and cowboy painter, Kenton is the current subject of the special temporary exhibit on display at the Osceola County Welcome Center and Museum.

E.L. “Buster” Kenton: A Celebration of an Inspirational Artist

The life of the Florida cowboy is not an easy one. If he isn’t battling the heat, the hurricanes, or the mosquitos; then he probably has to contend with wild animals, swamps, and the monumental task of managing a herd of cattle. Florida cowboys are tough and hard-working because nothing comes easy on the ranch. Despite it being so arduous, many view the cowboy’s life as inspirational and something to be celebrated. One such man was E.L. “Buster” Kenton. Kenton helped capture the beauty of the Florida Cowboy lifestyle in his inspirational and celebrated art work.

History is Happening!