Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show: 100 Years Ago

Held annually each February, the Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show and Fair we are familiar with originated in the 1940s with the Kissimmee Valley Livestock Market being used as its venue.  Interrupted briefly by World War II, the fair a…

Downtown St. Cloud Fire of 1917

Between twelve and one o’clock on the night of July 28, 1917, fire broke out in the W.A. Drawdy store room on Pennsylvania Avenue in St. Cloud, Florida.  The fire swept down both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue, affecting eighteen businesses before it was brought under control. 

100 years ago in Osceola County: History Repeats Itself

An interesting parallel between 1917 and 2017 was found in an April 12, 1917, “St. Cloud Tribune” news article which states,“Mr. H.A. Haymaker of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania purchased the entire block situated between the Atlantic Coast Line depot and the Bank.” The property was unoccupied and used only as a park for a number of years. The article continues, “Mr. Haymaker’s plans involve the erection of a building to cover the entire block, from three to five stories in height, the lower floors to be reserved for stores and business houses, while the upper floors will be finished up in either apartments or for hotel purposes.”

100 Years Ago in Osceola County: Company B Boys

Several months ago, an article appeared about the Company B Boys that lined up for duty on the Texas-Mexican border. Having served for nine months, their long awaited arrival home was reported in this “Kissimmee Valley Gazette”article on March 16, 1917.

100 Years Ago in Osceola County: Kissimmee Railways

An excerpt from:
“Kissimmee Valley Gazette”, January 25, 1917

Kissimmee is receiving her share of the thousands of tourists that are coming to the state daily. Strange faces are to be seen on the streets, the hotels and lodging houses are filling up, and it is an interesting sight to see the strangers leaving the trains upon their arrival in the city, and one cannot help note the systematic manner in which all are cared for by the obliging citizens at the railway stations.

History is Happening!