Osceola County Cattle Drive and RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo Recap

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100 years ago in Osceola County: History Repeats Itself

An interesting parallel between 1917 and 2017 was found in an April 12, 1917, “St. Cloud Tribune” news article which states,“Mr. H.A. Haymaker of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania purchased the entire block situated between the Atlantic Coast Line depot and the Bank.” The property was unoccupied and used only as a park for a number of years. The article continues, “Mr. Haymaker’s plans involve the erection of a building to cover the entire block, from three to five stories in height, the lower floors to be reserved for stores and business houses, while the upper floors will be finished up in either apartments or for hotel purposes.”

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The Rise and Fall of the Runnymede Lodge

The settlement of Runnymede, formerly known as Wharton was located three miles east of St. Cloud and two miles from Narcoossee. Following the formation of Osceola County on May 12, 1887, an election was held on the following February to determine the county seat and courthouse location. Kissimmee received 421 votes & Runnymede 30.

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Banana Cake: One of Dixie’s Favorites

Last month we shared a blog about a sweet potatoe pie that built a church.  As a special treat this month we are sharing another recipe. This recipe  for Banana Cake can be found in "Yesteryear and Today 1840 - 2006", a collection of recipes by Dixie Myrtice Bronson Nickle.  Dixie decicated this recipe book to her mother Ada Bernice Bronson, who taught Dixie how to cook as a young girl. The recipe book is one of the many books available for purchase at the Osceola County Welcome Center and History Museum and the Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek.

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Artifact Spotlight: European Glass Trade Beads

In the last weeks of Florida Archaeology Month, let’s talk beads. Beads are an important part of Native American cultures. The size, shape, color, and material of beads denotes status in many native cultures. Early beads found in Florida and the greater Eastern coastal region were made from clay, bone and shell. Clay and bone beadswere the easiest to make and became the most abundant. However, beads from the quahog clam, wampum, was also popular on the Eastern coast. The mostly white shell of the quahog has shades of light to deep purple around its edges; the amount of purple varies from shell to shell, making the color rarer and worth twice the amount of white wampum. Purple wampum designated their wearer as powerful, wealthy, and important in the community.      

White Wampum, Interior of Quahog Shell, Purple Wampum

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