E.L. “Buster” Kenton: A Celebration of an Inspirational Artist

The life of the Florida cowboy is not an easy one. If he isn’t battling the heat, the hurricanes, or the mosquitos; then he probably has to contend with wild animals, swamps, and the monumental task of managing a herd of cattle. Florida cowboys are tough and hard-working because nothing comes easy on the ranch. Despite it being so arduous, many view the cowboy’s life as inspirational and something to be celebrated. One such man was E.L. “Buster” Kenton.

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Cadman Family Christmas: A Community Affair

The Cadmans were host to many celebrations and social events throughout the late 19th and early 20th century. According to the Cadman Scrapbook, the family organized and presented many events throughout the year, including horse races, tennis tournaments, fund raisers and even hosted the Episcopal Bishop’s luncheon on his first visit to Narcoossee. While each event was extensively covered by the region’s newspapers, it is the Christmas celebration of 1889 that has captured our imaginations here at the Osceola County Historical Society.

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Artifact Spotlight: WW II WAC Uniform

This WW II Women's Army Corps (WAC) uniform was worn by Margaret M. Cafero who enlisted in the United States Women's Army Corps on October 12, 1943, at Springfield, Massachusetts.

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The Great Endurance Run

Sponsored by the Tampa Automobile Club and The Tampa Daily Times, sixteen vehicles, plus the pathfinding car and a press car departed Tampa on November 23, 1909, on a grueling four-day round trip.  The purpose of the “run” was to bring attention to the poor quality of roads in Florida, and to urge public officials to make the necessary improvements.

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Company B, 2nd Infantry, National Guard

In the summer of 1916, sixty-five young men from Osceola County answered the call to form a National Guard unit, originally called Company K, but became Company B, 2nd Infantry.  Their roster contained many familiar family names:  Barber, Bass, Bronson, Carson, Farmer, Graves, Johnston, Lupfer, Makinson, Oliver, Padgett and Tress.  A grand reception was given as the “lads” were sent off by train to Black Point Camp near Jacksonville where they would be deployed to Mexico to join in the fight against Poncho Villa. They were welcomed home with great ceremony in March of 1917, but rest was short as war on the European front was building.  In late July, Company B was automatically drafted into service and prepared to be shipped off to camp in Macon, Georgia, and joined by other local men who had been registered for military service. Source:  “Kissimmee Valley Gazette” Photo Courtesy: Osceola County Historical Society  

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